IC Green

The Oil With The Color of Nature

IC Green Oil & Fuel Enhancer  

The Oil With The Color of Nature! 

FILIPINO 1ST LUBRICANTS is an environmental conscious company that develops advanced energy efficient and environmental friendly products. Its dedicated efforts for almost a decade of Research and Development (R&D) have resulted to several products distributed proving its superiority over other similar products in the market today.

Its strong will and commitment to pursue the setting of new standards on its field of specialization by incorporating the advanced technologies already developed for the benefit of its stakeholders and to promote a sustainable environmental society in general is its heart and soul.

Another equally important endeavor of FILIPINO 1ST LUBRICANTS is to provide services with greater impact to the motorists, industrial clienteles, and to the general public as well. Part of its services will focus on environment education and training and alignment of its trust and commitments to other environmentalists towards the attainment of a common goal.

Revives your car performance! 

Protects and revives the system of car's engine!

Reduces carbon emission!

Protects the oil to ensure total performance!

IC Green Bio Fuel Booster Mixing Procedure:

1 bottle (100ml) is good enough to mix with 50 liters of fuel; 2ml/liter of fuel (diesel or gasoline)

  • Directly pour in to the fuel tank.        

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